Thank You for 2018



The month of December is always a great time to look back and to make a résumé – and 2018 was an incredible year.

After years of hard work to create visibility for our professional services, striving to create great concepts and strategies, this year we had an amazing breakthrough.
Everything went into the right position: our customers together with right people and the right mindset came in place and things speeded up in a way we never imagined.
This year we worked for – and with – the some of the most exciting and most innovative companies in the world, met great people and delivered outstanding solutions. We got direct contract with a company with more than 10.000 employees and we help them create and design a new software product for the international market.

On our way we´ve encountered also challenges: working with people from different countries and cultures, creating strategies for and think and act on a global level with a huge impact for our customers. We had to build bridges between very different industries and we learned how any of us can participate in the best possible way.
We took over the responsibility with the power, energy and passion which comes with great challenges and created our concepts, strategies and innovations in a way „to put a dent in the universe“.
For all the challenges, the opportunities and the good results that we had this year, I am really grateful and I would like to say „thank you so much“ to all of our customers, partners and colleagues. I thank you for your hard work and dedication. You made this magic happen.

It is a pleasure and honor to work with you.
Let’s continue this incredible journey in 2019.
Thank you and happy holidays!